home inspections, mold testing, ac inspections, duct cleaning
home inspections, mold inspections, ac inspections, duct cleaning
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Jacob Mermin Inspections will inspect your new home prior to your one (1) year builder warranty expires and the builder is no longer responsible.

While many items are hidden from view it is not too late for defects in workmanship to be caught by the trained eye. Just ask one of our customers.

“ I had just had Jacob Mermin Inspections at my house for a mold problem, so I asked him about his Warranty Inspection because my builder’s one year warranty was about to expire. I was glad that I made the appointment because he found a few small cosmetic problems and one large roofing problem. He took some digital pictures and wrote a concise report and I passed it along to my builder. My builder sent someone out and confirmed the problems and had them repaired immediately. I am so glad I spent the money to have the inspection done. It probably saved me thousands of dollars in future roofing problems. I highly recommend having Jacob Mermin Inspections do a Warranty Inspection before your warranty expires” -Carol B Ft. Myers, FL

Gap in soffit is an invitation to bugs and birds. Gap in tile where mortor was forgotten could cause rain water to get up underneath and into the attic. This is not the proper way to install the filter on this type of air handler application.

Most major construction flaws go unnoticed for 3 to 5 years. In these 3 to 5 years these flaws could cost thousands of dollars to repair, and the builder is no longer responsible.

What does the inspection include?

All your mechanical systems: Heating, Air Conditioning, and Duct System.

Plumbing systems: Including all bathroom and kitchen fixtures.

Electrical systems: Including main service, main service panel and breakers, switches and outlets, including ground fault indicators.

Roof structure: Including rafters, roof covering, through the roof vents.

Home structure: Including foundation, type of building material cbc, stick, etc.

Insulation: Including attic space and type of insulation.

Garage: Including garage doors and garage door openers.

Hot water heater: Including size, type, and elements used.

Appliances: Including all appliances that came with the home at purchase, stove, refrigerator, dish washer, microwave oven, separate oven unit, etc.

Soffitt, and fascia: Including gutters and down spouts.

Window and doors: including sliding glass doors, closet doors, and shower doors.

Make sure to bring all your concerns to the inspector for extra attention.

Because Jacob Mermin Inspections is an EPA certified HVAC technician and is also with CoolAir Air Conditioning Jacob Mermin is able to inspect the air conditioning system. With a Mold Inspector certification through MICRO he is able to address any moisture problems that might lead to mold or indoor air quality issues.

Having your home inspected prior to your warranty expiring is very important. At the 11th month of home ownership the builder is still responsible for most defects.

Will the builder call to remind you that your warranty is about to expire? Most do not provide that courtesy.

The report

All visible defects will be noted in a written report. As many photos will be provided as need to show the problem and will be included and ready for presentation to your builder.

Any type of mold testing can be done if moisture, or air quality issues exist.

This last opportunity inspection is essential in providing you with the piece of mind you deserve. This is a warranty provided to you by your builder. If you feel there is a problem with your home this is your last chance to protect your investment and insure your family’s safety. Do not feel bad for your builder even if you have become friends. Remember he didn’t remind you about your warranty expiring.

Having a Warranty Inspection by Jacob Mermin Inspections is just good business.

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