home inspections, mold testing, ac inspections, duct cleaning
home inspections, mold inspections, ac inspections, duct cleaning
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Duct Cleaning
Duct cleaning generally refers to the cleaning of various heating and cooling system components of forced air systems, including the supply and return air ducts and registers, grilles and diffusers, heat exchangers heating and cooling coils, condensate drain pans (drip pans), fan motor and fan housing, and the air handling unit housing.
Duct Inspection

With the i²CAM system, we can perform a free air duct video inspection, quickly and easily. Lightweight and highly-portable, the i²CAM system has been designed for on-the-spot air duct video inspections. You'll be able to see your ducts before and after your professional cleaning.

Duct Cleaning

Abatement Technologies high-performance air duct cleaning equipment and specialty duct cleaning tools physically remove dirt, debris and other contaminants from commercial and residential ductwork systems.

Methods of Source Removal Duct Cleaning

A/C Inspection
Regular preventive maintenance on your air conditioning system may be more important than having your car serviced. We change our car's oil every three thousand miles and follow a strict maintenance schedule set up by the dealer with the owner’s manual. Most Americans follow these guidelines. This ensures that our car remains dependable and fuel efficient. When the time comes to trade in that vehicle it helps to have all service and repair records.

When you think about it, taking care of our air conditioning systems is very similar. It is our most expensive appliance and we actually use it more than we use our cars. If we have regular maintenance once or twice per year, we know our system is going to keep its efficiency and be very dependable. When the time comes to put our home on the market, a properly maintained HVAC system will be an asset, not a liability. Your equipment manufacturer recommends at least yearly service to protect your warranties. No documented service at emergency repair time can make it more difficult to get help from the manufacturer when it comes to those warranties.

Your electric company would also like for you to service your system. They know a well maintained system is more efficient and saves everyone energy. Just check your electric bill; there you will see tips on products and suggestions to improve your equipment's efficiency and dependability. You will also see ideas to improve your indoor air quality. Ask your technician to explain any items you may not understand. Feel free to click on our maintenance service steps, and compare our service to what you are used to receiving from your service company. Please contact us with your questions, or request a free consultation or your indoor air environment, or your air conditioning system.

Click here to view and print a copy of our Air Conditioning Maintenance Service steps.
Florida Storm Kit

Protect your A/C system!

Time Delay - Prevents the compressor from short cycling during electric brown out.

Hard Start Kit - Assists the comprssor in starting when varying or low voltage conditions exist.

Lightning Arrester - Also known as a surge protection. Florida is the lightning capital of the world. The lightning arrestor protects your air conditioning equipment from power surges.

Call for more information, and to see if you need any or all of these items. Remember they extend the life of your a/c system.

Indoor Air Quality
We install Carrier indoor air quality products.
Air PurifierAir FiltersAir FiltersUV Lamp
Learn more about Carrier solutions to keep your home comfortable and healthy.
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Air Conditioning System Design Service

Air Conditioning CondenserDid you just have a new system installed in your home? Have Jacob Mermin Inspections do an independent inspection of your new system. We will test your systems air flow, air temperature and humidity control. Jacob Mermin Inspections will also inspect your ductwork, and how it is working with your new system. Jacob Mermin Inspections will make sure that your house is not contaminating your new investment.
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Has someone told you that you need a new system? If so, let Jacob Mermin Inspections help you design a system to fit your house, your needs, and most of all your budget. Have an independent inspection company help you decide what is right for your family. Together we will fufill the requirements that you decide are important to your family. You will choose the brand, efficiency level, duct system, indoor quality products, and most of all how much money you want to spend. Don't let anyone make these decisions for you. After you decide what's best for you, you can call for as many bids as you want. Remember with Jacob Mermin Inspections your are in charge of your air conditioning and indoor air quality.             

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