home inspections, mold testing, ac inspections, duct cleaning
home inspections, mold inspections, ac inspections, duct cleaning
Chinese Drywall Inspection   Mold Glossary
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ALTERNARIA: Grows in soil, sewage, vegetation, plant debris, textiles, food stuffs, and substrates. Potential allergen may cause hay fever, asthma, and can affect the respiratory system, and can produce toxins.
ASPERGILLUS: Grows in soil, plant debris, compost piles, stored grains, substrate building materials. Potential allergen can cause hay fever, asthma, humidifier lung, compost lung, allergic fungal sinusitis. Can affect respiratory system, skin, ears, and cornea.
BOTRYTIS: Grows in soil stored and transported fruit and vegetables. Plant Pathogen Saprophyte on flowers, leaves, and fruit stems. Potential allergen Can lead to rare cases of Keratomycosis, and can produce toxins.
CLADOSPORIUM: Grows in soil, plant litter and decaying plants. Grows on textiles, wood, moist window sills, tile grout, sheet rock, airconditioning coils, and drain pans. Potential allergen causing hay fever, asthma hot tub lung, mold wall hypersensitivity. Can produce toxins.
PENICILLIUM: Grows in soil, decaying plant materials, compost piles, and fruit rot. Grows well on water damaged building materials, such as OSB, plywood, wallpaper, and glue. Potential allergen causes hay fever, asthma, Hypersensitivity pneumonitis. Can produce toxins.
PITHOMYCES: Grows well on cellulose surfaces, soil, decaying leaves, and grasses. Potential allergen but not well studied. Can produce toxins.
STACHYBOTRYS: Known as black mold. Grows on soil, decaying plant material, substrate building materials, decomposing cellulose, leaf litter and seeds. Grows on wet cellulose surfaces, such as wall board. Can be found growing on jute, wicker, and straw baskets, Potential allergen, but not well studied. Can produce toxins.
These are just a few examples of common mold. Go to http://www.epa.gov/mold/moldresources.html, for further mold examples and their health dangers.


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